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The Visibilia Foundation is made up of a team of professionals from different areas of knowledge: teaching, psychopedagogy, literature, spelling correction, editing, design, law, and the collaboration of people with disabilities, building an extensive experience in information accessibility.

A team of professionals from different areas of knowledge: teaching, psychopedagogy, literature, spelling correction, editing, design, law, and the collaboration of people with disabilities, building an extensive experience in information accessibility.

Management team

Fundación Visibilia

Paola Hebe Jelonche
Inclusive Culture Area

Lawyer (Diploma of Honor, FDyCS UBA). Postgraduate studies at FDyCS UBA, Columbia University, NY-Law UBA; CEDEF Law & Finance, BsAs; College of Law, England/Bs.As. Author of various works and publications on corporate matters, leadership, civil rights and disability. She participated in legal assistance to government agencies and in in the drafting and regulation of disability laws. In permanent academic activity in courses, congresses, conferences and forums in the country and abroad, including the UN; and diffusion of topics of her specialty in different mass media, written and audiovisual. University professor (UBA Law Teaching Career), currently teaches State Theory, General Theory and Philosophy of Law and is General Tutor of the Law degree at the University of CEMA. International certifications in advanced knowledge of English, French, German and Italian languages. Portuguese and Chinese studies. Cambridge University Certifications in Literature and History. Therapeutic companion (Faculty of Psychology, UBA) and specialist in cognitive accessibility (PECS-Communication system for image exchange (Pyramid, Spain); Caregiver Skills Training –OMS– nonverbal autism (Autism Speaks); Certification of Vocal Techniques for radio (ETER); Certification in Access to Written Information-texts for low vision (Tiflonexos). Partner of Plain Language Europe (Clear Language) and president of Fundación Visibilia (for Cognitive Accessibility). Member of the Board of Directors of FAME (Forum Argentine of Executive Women), and of the Art.24 Group for Inclusive Education, TGD Parents TEA, Autism Spectrum Network, Autism Speaks- Advocacy Leadership Network. Collaborator of the Children's Activities Center San Juan Bosco, Carcova, JL Suárez, Prov BA.
Co-founder and President of Visibilia.

Diego García Diaz
Accessible Design Area

Graphic Designer (FADU-UBA).
Director of the Graphic Design Career at FADU-UBA.
Professor of the subject Graphic Design at FADU UBA.
He is a Partner and Creative General Director of GDS Branding Agency
Member of the Argentine Good Design Seal Committee of the National Design Plan of the Ministry of Production and Labor of the Nation.
Coordinator of the Curriculum of the Graphic Design Career reform at FADU UBA (2014/2017).
He participated in Congresses, Seminars, talks and exhibitions related to Graphic Design, Institutional Visual Identity and accessible editorial design
He was a member of the Promoter Group of the TGD-Padres-TEA group.
Co-founder and Treasurer of Visibilia.

Clara Nielsen
Linguistic Coordination 

Professor in Letters (Universidad del Salvador - USAL) and National Normal Teacher (Instituto Lenguas Vivas). Postgraduate studies in Cultural Analysis (Patricios University Institute) and Communication (UNGS). Teacher and managerial positions in middle level institutes. Teacher and teacher trainer at higher level education of the province of Buenos Aires. Research work in Educational Research Centers of the General Directorate of Schools (Province of Buenos Aires). Coordinator of the design of plans and programs of study of 25 careers of technical mid-level training for noncommissioned officers of the Professional Corps of the Argentine Army, for its approval and recognition by the Ministry of Education of the Nation (1986/1990). Coordinator of the Distance Education Service for studying or completing mid-level studies of non-commissioned officers in the Argentine Army activity, then extended to their families and civilian staff of the FFAA (1999/1005). Extensive performance in the editorial field in content editing, style correction and advice.

Consejo Asesor

Mariana Elstner
Human Development Area

Licensed in Psychopedagogy (Universidad del Salvador - USAL), Licensed in Psychology (USAL). School Guidance Team Psychopedagogue at Instituto León XIII, CABA.
Trained in social inclusion and educational problems (CEPA, Ministry of Education, GCBA); in guidance teams of the education system (Ministry of Education of the Nation); interventions in situations of crisis and violence in childhood, and Integral protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Higher Institute of Career, CDNNyA - GCBA); and in Autism and PDD/CBT (Garrahan Pediatric Hospital Foundation and ABC/EIAT). In the area of ​​clinical, psychodiagnostic and treatment, she serves children with functional diversity and learning difficulties at her office or at the patient’s home. Coordinates and supervises treatments and educational trajectory of children and adolescents with disabilities. Support teacher and integrator of primary and secondary level, and recreational summer camps. She was part of the School Orientation team, District 19, Operational Management of Support Teams, Directorate of Education Strategies of the GCBA Ministry of Education (2012-2016). She also served in the Buenos Aires Present Program (BAP - 108) of the Directorate of Immediate Social Care, Ministry of Social Development GCBA, in the evaluation, containment and intervention in social emergencies and situations of vulnerability of rights attending to adults and families in street situation; Massive accidents and natural disasters (2009-2013).

María Antonieta de la Peña
Didactic Coordination

Professor of History (Universidad del Salvador - USAL), National Normal Teacher (Lenguas Vivas Institute). Minor Career of Middle Level Counselor Professor (Superior Inst. of Teaching Staff Joaquín V. González), Postgraduate studies at UBA and CePA on updating history and teaching of social sciences.
Principal analyst in the pilot transformation plan of the "General Basic Cycle" in high school, ministry of Education of the Nation (1988 and 1989).
Elaboration, development and implementation of proposals for education and training in Social Sciences for initial, primary and secondary level over 40 years. Author of ad hoc books.
Author of papers in ad hoc congresses.

Mariela Tulosai
Project Manager

Public Accountant (Universidad del Salvador - USAL), she has worked in her profession in important international studies such as Pistrelli, Díaz y Asociados - Enrst & Young and currently works privately in the accounting advice of companies. Project Management Specialist with training in innovation and creativity among other professional courses.
She has fluent knowledge of technical English language.
Interior Designer (Decomobi), remodeling and design of environments, specialization in children's rooms. President and Co-founder of CEUPA - Conscience, Hope and Union for Autism Civil Association, from 2010 to date.

Florencia Gigena
Inclusive Culture Area

Contadora Pública (Universidad del Salvador - USAL), se desempeñó en su profesión en importantes estudios de nivel internacional como Pistrelli, Díaz y Asociados – Enrst & Young y trabaja actualmente en el asesoramiento contable de empresas en forma privada. Especialista en Gestión de proyectos. con capacitación en Innovación y creatividad entre otros cursos profesionales.
Posee fluido conocimiento de idioma inglés técnico.
Diseñadora de Interiores (Decomobi), remodelación y diseño de ambientes, especialización en cuartos infantiles.Presidente y Co-fundadora de CEUPA - Conciencia, Esperanza y Unión para el Autismo Asoc. Civil, desde 2010 a la fecha.

Arturo Jelonche
Accessibility and Health Advisor

Doctor (Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires - UBA).
Specialist in General Surgery (Ministry of Health of the Nation) and Non-vascular Percutaneous and Mininvasive Surgery (Santojanni Hospital).
Author of various works and publications.
He participated and spoke in numerous courses, congresses and conferences.
Former university professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics and General Surgery (UBA).
Certification in English, French, German and Italian languages.
Secretary of Visibilia.

Andrea Oriana Centurión
Translations Area Coordination

National Public Translator (University of Buenos Aires - UBA), member of the Association of Public Translators of the City of Buenos Aires; Founding partner of the translation company “Centurión y Lascombes”.
Throughout her 30-year career, she has deepened her training and developed her practice in aspects of Spanish Regulations, CTPCBA Financial Days, Location, Procedural Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Oil and Gas, Capital Markets, Financial Statements, TRADOS, Project Management for large and small companies and for recognized legal studies in the City of Buenos Aires. She also has a Bilingual National Bachelor, General Certificate (University of Cambridge) and has worked and continues working in tasks as an English language teacher at different educational levels.

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Florencia Rosati
Legal Advisor, Intellectual Property

Partner of the Beccar Varela Study.
Lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property, Telecommunications, Media and Technology. Her areas of practice include litigation and advice to clients on trademarks, patents, copyrights, entrepreneurship, entertainment, communications and new technologies, with extensive experience in data protection and privacy.

Andrea Martínez
Popular Education Advisor

Director of the San Juan Bosco Educational Center - Villa La Carcova - Villa Curita; Level Grading Program Trainer (Esc. 12 DE 5, Esc. DE5, Esc. DE 4); Consultant in Popular Education Visibilia Foundation. Primary School Teaching Degree (Santa Catalina Institute), Higher Specialization in Popular Education in an unfavorable context (Sagrado Corazón Institute). University studies, second year of Psychopedagogy (Sagrado Corazon Institute). Primary Level Catechist Seminar (Santa Catalina Institute).

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For over fifty years Inclusion International has been committed to the promotion of these human rights and our organization now represents over 200 member federations in 115 countries throughout five regions including the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
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