Fundación  Visibilia

Vision for a change

We are a non-profit non-governmental organization created in 2014.
We work to make culture and written information accessible
to people with intellectual disabilities
and people with reading difficulties

We work for the inclusion
of people with disabilities

Fundación Visibilia works to reduce inequalities by shortening the cognitive gap that impacts society.
We adapt and make texts and communication materials
in plain language.
Plain language is a RIGHT recognized by the International Convention on Persons with Disabilities (In Argentina, Law 26.378, with constitutional rank).

Technological progress and social change are a constant challenge for the new paradigms and human development objectives.

Accessible communication is a human right. But it is not only a right, accessible communication improves training, reduces occupational risks, facilitates internal communication in a diverse environment and exercises social responsibility. Therefore, Fundación Visibilia produces and adapts materials in Clear Language and Easy Read, but also trains companies and institutions.

Fundación Visibilia is made up of a team of professionals from different areas of knowledge: teaching, psychopedagogy, literature, correction, editing, design and law, building an extensive experience in information accessibility.

The final review and correction are performed by people with intellectual disabilities and/or literacy difficulties. Thus we break the barrier of prejudices about intellectual capacity and we generate a value chain.

This validation work done by people with disabilities is genuine and remunerated, so that we produce a valuable contribution to the reduction of the general cognitive gap by promoting their inclusion into the workplace.

Easy Read is a supportive technology that, by adapting all types of texts at different levels, allows for easier reading and understanding of the content. Its methodology follows the guidelines of the International Federation of Librarians Associations - IFLA, and covers all text, illustrations, format, images, design and typography. The levels of adaptation are differentiated by the greater or lesser amount of texts and illustrations, and linguistic complexity.


Inclusión Internacional

Argentine member of:

Inclusión Internacional

Fundación Visibilia is an Argentine member of Inclusion International, an international network of people with intellectual disabilities and their families advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.
For over fifty years Inclusion International has been committed to the promotion of these human rights and our organization now represents over 200 member federations in 115 countries throughout five regions including the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
Inclusión Internacional




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